Sound Sleeve Triple

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Immerse yourself in your music with the Sound Sleeve. Our tactile vibration technology allows you to feel the sound, enhacing your auditory experience. Hear and feel music as if you're at a concert everyday in your own home. Experience your favorite shows like never before. The possibilities are endless.

We want to make sure this product is easy to use and meets your expectations, so we've added a few more features you might like:

*1 Year Warranty*


Bluetooth Capabilities

Headphone Jacks

FREE iOS and Android app

Are you an audiophile? Check out our specifications:

  • Frequency 1-800Hz
  • ~100dB haptic equivalent
  • 24bit 48kHz audio converter
  • 5.1 channel processing, sending rear signals when available
  • Bluetooth capabilities with TV, Gaming Consoles, MacOS, Apple Home, OK Google, and Amazon Alexa
  • Mobile Application

NOTE: We want your product to fit your personality, so we have eight different designs for you to choose from. If none of those fit your look, we'd love to make another for you. Tell us your idea in the "Contact Us" page, and we'll figure out how to make the Sound Sleeve fit your look.

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